Kids are sensitive. They feel everything all the time. When they experience hurt feelings they often repress rather than express them. The result is stress.

offer a simple way to help kids (6-8 years old) take responsibility for their own emotional well-being. The 12 fantasy/adventures are about a young girl who must overcome the Master of Misery who attempts to steal her happiness.

Using surprise, disguise and lies he victimizes her with a relentless array of bullies. Her only weapon against their stinging spears of spite is a Mindfulness breathing technique. It re-connects her to her innate feelings of peace, wisdom and joy. Calm again she thinks clearly, makes smart decisions and moves forward like a victor.

Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness empower kids with self-respect. Big words for little kids. Yet they embrace the message every time.

Make the most out of The Ice Veil Tales with a FREE, easy-to-follow program in BLOOM, A Reader’s Guide. To further help them, please share the PUPPET SHOW of Book One.

The Ice Veil Tales audio and e-books are available on Amazon.

Being cool and confident takes time and effort but it is a worthy commitment.


This fascinating material imparts wisdom to children. It speaks to the unconscious mind which is quite an achievement.
Dr. Paul Grossman, psychiatrist.

Fantastic!  So creative and what a wonderful way to educate kids about Mindfulness. I was so impressed I shared The Ice Veil Tales with several colleagues. And they all agreed!
Danise Lehrer, L.Ac., L.C.S.W.
Instructor of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy

The Ice Veil Tales use great graphics and engaging stories to teach children an essential truth: that you can manage your emotions and stay centered even in difficult situations. Bravo to Munter for bringing this message for kids in such a compelling and creative way!
Cedar Koons, MSW, LISW

Ora Munter has created a whimsical and vivid tale here. Along with its surface delights, it contains wisdom for young people, with lessons about self-esteem and trusting what is inside you to get through difficulties. Kids of all ages will enjoy this beguiling yarn.
Kathleen Sullivan, Malibu, CA librarian

Thank you for all of the support and faith you put in Natasha. She has a wonderful, positive self image that in no small part has been developed under your tutelage.
Linda Zale, mother of Natasha Marcuse, Voice Over for Kiki/Cocovanilla

I really applaud your efforts in bringing this project to life and think you're doing a great job.
Loris Kramer, children’s TV producer

Wow, I wish we hadThe Ice Veil Tales when Alex was a little girl. What a valuable message you are sending to so many young minds and hearts, a message that may change their lives forever. 
Hollis Henning, Malibu, CA

I have enjoyed both the story and the illustrations. Munter tackles in a deceptively simple way some very deep emotional issues. I thought some of the wordplay was especially clever.
Peter Lovenheim, author of “In the Neighborhood.”

It's engaging, colorful and kid-oriented. Love the rhymes and the word play -- clever metaphors that parents can also enjoy. And the idea of teaching kids to do deep breathing, and to stop and think, and get in touch with their inner self is definitely a good one. I'm really impressed that Munter did the illustrations, too. 
Judy Newman, Madison, WI

Our mission is to unleash the creative potential of indie authors around the world, so I'm always gratified to see unexpected gems. Cool artwork, inside and out by childrens' author/artist Ora Munter."
Mark Coker, SMASHWORDS founder/owner

WOW! WOW!! WOW!!! This is truly AMAZING! I LOVE this book. The graphics are wonderful, the writing exceptional, the whole package is INCREDIBLE. This is deep yet easy to understand. Written the way girls that age think and talk.
Michelle L. Marina, Las Vegas, NV

I love reading this book. Each page is filled with brilliant, colorful, and imaginative illustrations, and a story that holds your interest all the way to the end. I gave the book to my eight year old niece and she thought it was "the greatest." Author Ora Munter has a special talent for creating a fantasy world that all children would like to escape to. 
Joyce L. Foster, Los Angeles, CA

This is awesome! You should have your videos in Spanish.
Eduardo Yanez,  Mexico’s star actor

In the grand tradition of "The Wizard of Oz" and "Alice in Wonderland," Ora Munter's heroine, Kiki, finds herself transported to a strange but beautiful world. Brilliantly illustrated by the author, this book is a fun ride for children and parents alike. Using lots of alliteration ("tooted his tofutti trumpet") and strong and vibrant words, Ms. Munter creates a fantasy world that is sure to become a family favorite.
Marchelle Tosdale, Long Beach, CA

Munter introduces us to an edgy youngster from New Jersey who quickly finds herself swept into an alternate universe (a Willy Wonka-ish planet). My favorite character was Rocky Road. Not unlike the Land of Narnia, conflict quickly ensues between the "towns people" and an evil, would-be King, a wicked wizard, an avenging giant, magical butterflies, romance, non-stop action, and suspense round out this exciting adventure.
Julie Webb, Culver City, CA

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