Ora Munter
Author / Illustrator
The Ice Veil Tales
I’m a Baby Boomer born in Missouri, the “Show Me” state. I always knew I wanted to be shown something. But I didn’t know what or how. My family moved to New Jersey and then settled in Chicago. Flights of imagination, books, movies, and music gave me respite from my rigorously religious and restrictive home life. Escaping to college felt liberating, sort of. But then I graduated, Act One ended, and I had to earn a living.

In Act Two, I entered so-called reality and became a copywriter in Chicago. Though it was the late 70’s, Mad Men were still alive and raging. Miserable in the muck of mediocrity, I fled to New York to study theater. Immediately impoverished, I was sucked back into the bowels of advertising. Feeling lost, lonely, and abandoned, I was finally shown what I was born to see.

Everything changed from hell into heaven on earth. I began experiencing life with more happiness than I’d ever thought possible. And then, like the answer to a long forgotten question,
The Ice Veil Tales came to me. I quit my job, sold my apartment, moved to Los Angeles, wrote screenplays, met my husband, married, gave birth, and raised our son.

Now, in Act Three of my life,
The Ice Veil Tales quietly reappeared, reminding me that it’s time to deliver. I presented The Ice Veil Tales to normal kids, kids with learning disabilities and bullies suspended from school. They all got the message.

I sincerely hope you enjoy sharing
The Ice Veil Tales with your precious gift.
- Ora Munter

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